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Dobrofest 2020

officially opened on July 20, 2020

The mood is such that you want to climb to the top of the world and from there shout with all your might: "We did it!" The first floral event in Ukraine - 2020. The first festival at a completely new location @dobropark. The first event in the history of AUF, which was realized under the conditions of social distancing.

Quarantine, general uncertainty and weather played against us. We had to make many decisions impromptu, we had to give up some cool ideas (and personal meetings), we worked in an ad-hoc mode. And it's behind. And in front - wonderful photos on the background of art objects, smiles and pride for the work done. And our hearts thank the project coordinator Marianna Debchinskaya for her inexhaustible energy that moved us all forward

Speaking in numbers, our I Festival of art objects "DobroFest" is:

- 34 participants from Kyiv and Kharkiv;

- 9 objects, 2 of them from festival beginners;

- 2 sponsors: Askania-Flora and BeFlower.

Speaking in the language of the heart, DobroFest is our child who takes the first independent steps. They are not easy. But the desire to move forward is so irresistible that the fall does not stop, and the fear recedes. One step, followed by the second, third… and soon the baby will start walking confidently, and then - just catch up. Now we have a year to prepare. After all, Igor Dobrutsky confirmed: to be the next "DobroFest"!

Chapter 3

Горное озеро
Домики на пляже
Колесо обозрения
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